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P R O D U C E R  -  D O N O V A N  W E B L E Y

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P R O D U C T I O N  T H A T  M O V E S  Y O U

Donovan Webley, known by artist name as Weblox and to many as an influential producer and qualified pilot, both in the UK and Jamaica has his sights set on achieving the most he can in music and be a flight instructor and to teach his fellow Jamaicans how to pilot. 


Weblox grew up in Spanish Town, found in the Parish of St Catherine in Jamaica with his parents and siblings. Donovan had a childhood of books and responsibility being the first of twelve children. He became a self-taught engineer and fixed the locals radios, televisions etc. At age 17, he began to develop interests in creating beats and always had a feel and great rhythm in dancing. His nickname till this day has always been Michael Jackson. He was either coming first or second place in his studies and later became popular for doing other children’s homework and assignments in school. 


Donovan moved to the UK and continued to pursue his interests in music, flying and electronics. 25 years ago, a record with Rose Capri called ‘Passion’ was released and did very successful on the Reggae charts. This was when Webley Records was created and started its footsteps in Jamaica and beyond. To most people now, they refer to ‘Passion’ as one of their old-time favourite tracks that they have on repeat. Donovan went on to write the record ‘Driving Me Crazy’ and then released an EP with two other artists.


Mr Webley decided to take time off to run his successful electronics repair shop in the UK and start his family. In this time, he gained his licence as a pilot and acquired single and went on to acquire his twin ratings. He has flown around Europe including places like Amsterdam, France, Jersey, Isle of Wight, Scotland and has also graced the skies in Jamaica with his talent. In 2016, Donovan built an in-house studio and released five singles between Bobby Woods, Tia Stuart and Peter Spence. He also released three songs with Ozzie Gad from the Naturalites which went on to do amazing. By this time, the name Webley was a household name in Jamaica. 


At this point, Donovan was sure he had a unique interpretation of Reggae music he was eager to share with everyone. This led him to create a charity single featuring Toots Hibbert from Toots and the Maytals, Ansel Collins, Pluto Sherbington and the Silvertones and several others. 

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