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W E B L E Y  R E C O R D S  I S  L I V E !



A taste of Webley Records music. The SOUND OF REGGAE is ready to add some heat to 2022

 Let's add a little SPYCE to your summer. 




K  A  R  M  A 




D E C  2 N D  2 0 2 0

Donovan Webley also Weblox and record label owner to Webley Records has many astonishing accreditations to mention and yet still has the hunger of achieving even with many years of professional experience. His love for music started at age 17, he began to develop interests in creating beats and always had a feel and great rhythm in dancing. His nickname till this day has always been Michael Jackson. 25 years ago, a record with Rose Capri called ‘Passion’ was released and did very successful on the Reggae charts. This was when Webley Records was created and started its footsteps in Jamaica and beyond. In 2016, Donovan built an in-house studio and released five singles between Bobby Woods, Tia Stuart and Peter Spence. He also released three songs with Ozzie Gad from the Naturalites which went on to do amazing. By this time, the name Webley was a household name in Jamaica.


Last year (2019), Weblox released his first single in a while ‘Songbird’, featuring his daughter Siobhan, another extra-ordinary talented singer who is a rising star in the making with a history of X Factor and The Voice UK under her belt. Siobhan studied Performing Arts as a student, then went onto train as a professional dancer featuring in multiple music videos. Siobhan was also one of the leading backing Dancers for Lethal Bizzle on Mobo Awards 2015. 


With the success from ‘Songbird’, Weblox and Siobhan has teamed up again on this immense record ‘WHAT’S GOING ON’, a Marvin Gaye original with Webloxs’ exceptional production skills with a Reggae sound. Siobhan describes ‘WHAT’S GOING ON’ as a sign choice that seemed obvious for what the whole world is going through right now. Recording this song as a cover, “I wanted to try and put a little bit of myself into the song, to let people know it’s okay to go through tough times, but always look forward to TOMORROW.” The song and its lyrics bring much joy in the crazy times we are facing. Weblox is an absolute genius when it comes to his music ear and feel for production, however, Siobhan literally has a voice than can only be described as nothing less than angelic. 

Siobhan also works closely along side charities such as The haven and the YMCA that help to support women fleeing from domestic abuse, homeless or are young and vulnerable.


‘WHAT’S GOING ON’ is sure to propel Siobhan to new heights with her vocals, sexy looks and an ambition to conquer anything and everything. Weblox and Siobhan are undoubtedly a duo to watch out for NEXT YEAR 2021. With an EP that has been put on hold due to COVID-19, it’s set to be released by next summer and will be available via WWW.WEBLEYRECORDS.COM 

Siobhan & Weblox have been in the studio day-in day-out preparing themselves for the BIGGEST year of their lifes, with performances, collaborations and a whole promotional campaign that’s set to CHANGE THE REGGAE SCENE. A tour soon to follow. 


Weblox DONNOVAN 3.jpg

M I S S I O N  S T A T E M E N T

We are a fiercely independent record label for artists with exceptional creative abilities. We assist artists in creating and developing to the best of their ART by producing, promoting and distributing their music and helping them build their brand. Our Moto is “And the beat goes on”


In the music industry today, it’s easier to create and distribute music but a lot harder to get noticed or properly placed online. We offer support and knowledge through our in-house industry veterans, exceedingly well versed in artist marketing, development, production and promotion. As an Independent record label, we focus all of our resources on our catalog of artists and creativity with every executive involved with each of our clients’ development. 


We maintain a high consistent level of mutual respect and attention to each artist and have a level of understanding during the creative process. We guide our artists, but ‘we also listen!!’ In some cases we are actively involved especially in the Social Media aspect but mostly guide the artist for more confidence taking control. We help to maximise income through proper collection efforts and placements of songs in all forms of media advertising. 


We pride ourselves in maintaining close, cohesive relationships with our KEY executives, our artists and our staff. It is our goal to not only develop artists worldwide, but to develop long, mutually rewarding relationships that are long term. 

A  R  T  I  S  T    S  P  O  T  L  I  G  H  T 

Siobhan Webley

Singing Sensation & songbird phenomenon Siobhan Webley Hits  92000 Streams On Spotify

In a new age where Spotify is the only way to judge an artists Popularity, Siobhan's Spotify plays are hitting the internets roof. Its virtually unheard of for an artist to gain this much traction on Spotify. 

Songbird is a classic that has modern life and soul injected into it with this girls stunning voice.

A true favourite on the playlist now.

O  T I  S   I  R  I  E

E X C L U S I V E  I N T E R V I E W

Reggae sensation Otis Irie grants an exclusive interview to talk about his new single and collaboration with Producer 'Weblox'

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